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Windermere Farms specializes in the import, export, training and sale of Friesian horses, Iberian Lusitano and    P..R.E. horses- and German Warmblood Dressage Sporthorses. Our modern full service equine facility is located on a hilltop overlooking the Pacific Ocean, in California's North San Diego County.

Our market niche at Windermere Farms are Amateur Dressage /Sporthorses of distinction - also available for export  worldwide.

Friesian-, ASPL Lusitano, P.R.E., Hannovarian and Oldenburg Dressage horses are our main focus. Selecting 100% sound horses, with solid training, an impeccable disposition and outstanding atheltic abilitiy is our goal during our travels in Europe. The perfect amateur dressage horse with competitive movement, classic beauty, and a beautiful mind!

At Windermere Farms Dressage with Friesian horses is our passion. Iberian horses have impressed us through their mental strength and modern, competitive movement. Hannovarian- and Oldenburg Sporthorses add the timeless elegance widely admired in the Sporthorse world.


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